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From market-position analysis and assessment to the structured development of your target market, moduscom unternehmenskommunikation can provide a full support service to the level of intensity you require.

A partner with insight.

With a background in business training and a degree in scientific and technical studies, the founder of moduscom unternehmenskommunikation spent ten years heading the PR department of one of Germany’s top 500 international companies, followed by several years as a technical and commercial manager.

moduscom unternehmenskommunikation should therefore be the first stop for businesses that require advertising material with a technical and scientific content.

One thing sets moduscom unternehmenskommunikation apart from the rest - we speak the same language as the customer. To find out more about this click here.

We never give no for an answer.

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manfred könig

rubensstraße 17
47447 moers

tel.: +49.2841.60 78967
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