The Ruhr Engineers Group

Ruhrgebiet-Ingenieure (the Ruhr Engineers Group) is a network of three companies whose successful collaboration dates back some ten years.

The Ruhr Engineers Group is well known for reliability, competence, hands-on engineering and innovation in its approach to client projects.

The wide range of services available through this network of companies, whose highly-trained staff can call on many years experience in the field, means that clients have access to  the potential usually only obtainable from large agencies. A short command structure combined with the cost benefits that derive from an absence of overheads give the Ruhr Engineers Group a clear head-start when it comes to competitiveness and flexibility – and this serves the customer well.

The Ruhr Engineers Group - a reliable friend when it comes to business collaboration.


DENKBETRIEB – Internet – Multimedia – Design – Printing
Based in Werl

Founded some ten years ago, Denkbetrieb specialises in the design and implementation of customised print and website solutions for companies and organisations of every shape and size and from every corner of the business community.

Denkbetrieb’s in-house expertise combines high-quality script composition with the skills of a qualified structural engineer and web designer. The result is a fusion of craftsmanship, technical understanding, modern design, innovative technology and reliability – as borne out by years of business success and a degree of customer loyalty not normally encountered in this sector.

moduscom unternehmenskommunikation
manfred könig, Gladbeck

moduscom provides a full range of corporate communication services, including support for marketing strategies and publicity material, web ranking and web marketing, web design and the production of advertising copy  “speaking the same language”

With a background in business training and a degree in scientific and technical studies from Aachen Technical University, the founder initially spent five years working as a management assistant at one of Germany’s top 500 firms – an international company that operates as a service provider in five continents. He subsequently headed the Group’s public relations department for about ten years.

WDT Datentechnik GmbH
hardware infrastructure – individual software – integration of data into the internet
based in Unna

This Unna-based systems provider has been delivering a wide range of information and systems technology services nationwide for more than fifteen years. Its range of ST services includes the management of existing hardware infrastructures (networks, routers, servers, workstations, printers, telecommunications equipment, etc.) together with the design and implementation of new systems and the distribution of hardware from all current manufacturers.

In the IT sector WDT can develop individual software solutions for a wide range of industries and task areas. Its main services comprise database applications for the operational sector (SQL servers) and control software for the manufacturing industry. More recent contracts have included individual solutions based around the integration of data into the internet (e- commerce: web shops, web information services and content management systems). It also specialises in modern website design techniques.

WDT’s impressive portfolio of regular customers, many of whom have stayed loyal since the company’s founding, can be attributed to the services-oriented skills of its two leading figures – one a graduate engineer and one a graduate computer scientist.


If you feel that you can work with the Ruhr Engineers’ Group just get in touch. Your enquiry is only a click away.


the same language
help for a day

manfred könig

rubensstraße 17
47447 moers

tel.: +49.2841.60 78967
fax.: +49.2841.6078952
cell: +49.172.2441616


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