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Internet, web design, search engine optimisation

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manfred könig

rubensstraße 17
47447 moers

tel.: +49.2841.60 78967
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Internet, web design, search engine optimisation:

East-in-West - Group

Launching a new company logo and brand identity plus a complete website rebuild for this newly established management consultancy and financial services provider.

Creating a three-language website (German/English/Chinese) with subsequent search engine optimisation.

The entire webpage has been designed barrier-free so that visually impaired users can access the pages via special programs.
Link zur East-in-West Gruppe

Keycom conference interpreters

Existing internet site has been converted into a contemporary programming facility.

Launch of website in three languages (German/English/French) with subsequent search engine optimisation.
Link zu Keycom Dolmetschen

Manfred Lindemann GmbH

Complete redesign of company website based on new corporate identity, full text re-work, web ranking currently ongoing.

Link zur Manfred Lindemann GmbH

RBI redevelopment, services to the mining industry, industrial demolition

Full layout and design of internet site based on existing corporate identity.

Web ranking currently in progress.
Link zur Homepage der rbi Saar GmbH

Fahrland & Witt GmbH,
Engineering Consultants for Health and Safety, Industrial Safety Management and Fire Protection

Maximum web ranking, number-one position on Google and other sites for a range of keywords, without any visible sign of intrusion into the page layout.  Website optimisation is ongoing.
Follow-up contract has been awarded for redesign of the company’s home website.

Link zu Fahrland & Witt GmbH, Ingenieurbüro für Arbeitssicherheit, Arbeitsschutzmanagement und Brandschutz

CFT compactfiltertechnik GmbH, Gladbeck

Internet launch for this leading international supplier of dust filter equipment.

Advice on the re-launch of the existing corporate identity to create an ergonomic menu structure for the comprehensive two-language (German/English) website.

Search engine optimisation is currently in progress.
zu CFT compactfiltertechnik Beratung und Suchmaschinenoptimierung durch modus unternehmenskommunikation
Print and identity

Manfred Lindemann GmbH

Logo design and development of corporate identity. Design and printing of stationery and business cards. Layout design is supported by PC-aided costing and business software.

Link zur Manfred Lindemann GmbH

Fahrland & Witt GmbH,
Engineering Consultants for Health and Safety, Industrial Safety Management and Fire Protection

From abstract idea to the production of handouts for developing existing and new business segments, while retaining that all-important corporate identity.

Example: ten arguments for fire protection
10 Argumente für den Brandschutz für Fahrland und Witt
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Fahrland & Witt GmbH,
Engineering Consultants for Health and Safety, Industrial Safety Management and Fire Protection

Christmas mailshot with prize draw, coupled with information on the introduction of a new product and updating of the client database via a reply form.

Response rate approx. 10 %, an excellent result.
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Handbook for Mining Engineers

2004-2006 member of the editing committee responsible for the annual mining technology handbook “Mining Engineers”, published by VGE, Verlag Glückauf, Essen

Bergingenieure 2004
Bergingenieure 2005
Bergingenieure 2006

Bergingenieure 2004, Bergingenieure 2005, Bergingenieure 2006, Mitglied im Herausgeberbeirat

modus com unternehmenskommunikation - - Die andere Art der Werbedienstleistung - Homepage

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Taschenbuch für Bergingenieure

2004-06 Mitglied im Herausgeberbeirat für das jährlich erscheinende Kompendium für Bergbautechnologie „Bergingenieure“ des VGE, Verlag Glückauf, Essen


Essen, Duisburg, Mülheim, gladbeck, Recklinghausen, Gelsenkirchen, Ruhrgebiet, NRW, Deutschland